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Over the Years there have been many Gangs  who have been active in the Calton .......Most recent being the Imfamous Calton Tongs ..or REAL Calton Tongs they are now known ....With the 'R'....being like a sort of registered trade deter imposters.....

 The San - Toi ......Can be traced back to the 1950s'....( more about them later).

 The Calton 'Entry'........ another Calton Gang .......who hailed from where else but 'Calton Entry'......If you wish to trace this location......The surviving stretch of the 'Entry' can be found between Stevenson Street West.... and Moncur Street.............near the Squirrel Bar and St. Alphonsus Chapel house residence..  ( If you happen to know more abouy The Entry ..please E Mail me any stuff you know about them

Calton Hammer Gang

 The 'Hammer' was a name given to a

separate faction of the Calton Tongs

during the late 70s and early 80s.........

 The HAMMER got its name due to the style

of Criminal activity they used for a living ..namely

 Smash n Grab style robberies on assorted Jewlers shops .

 Most of the Gang hailed from a notorious area in Calton

 nicknamed ......'NIGHTMARE ALLEY'... A.K.A.. 'Well Street Back.'..

 Home to families like The Clarkes .......The McVeys... The Cunninghams.....( nobody messed the Cunningham Sisters about ..)

 Characters like Big davy ( Lurch) McFarlane...terrorised  this  dangerous spot.

"San Toi gimme the jail".Please don't quote me if i'm wrong ,
but it is reputed that this was one of the war cries of the San Toi,
maybe the boys were just hightlighting the fact that the threat of "Purridge" held no fear for them.
there is also another well used Caltonian shout,
"ah like porridge ,BUT ah like it in ma ane hoose.


Please send in any photos or names of olden day Gang graffiti.....

Wha's like uzzzzzzzzz

Real Calton Tongs

Do you know the names of any other

Gangs that existed in Calton ...if so .

...send an E Mail....

Argentinian Embassy
Moncur St. Modell

Tam Ward, Caltonian safe-blower.
Does anybody remember the story of Tam and the Great Cornbeef robbery,
Tam and Co. spent a full week-end trying to open the Safe in Moncur St. Modell ,
when all it contained was a 3 month supply of
His beloved "Josie" told him "the key was stuck on the side of the tin"
I'm sorry to tell you poor Tam
didn't get much of a chance to sample his wares ,
instead he got a 2 year supply of porridge
with the key stuck on the outside.

Dunky McManus...San Toi or Tong ?????
(top left)..The Blondie fella,,,very witty, razor sharp put down king,,Dunky was a real Caltonian wind up merchant,the young team at the time would be wary of uttering the slightest sentence in Dunkys company ,for fear of suffering the the wind up of "Manalito",,(only Nasty Norman could call him this)